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How do we give the young a voice?

  • Bringing issues to the forefront 

    In 2015 the winner was Syed Muhammad Abubakar, a freelance journalist from Pakistan.

    He was selected over several other compelling nominees because of the creativity and flair he showed in writing about various important issues.

    The topics Syed addressed included climate change, water storage and the effects of flooding, and the challenges facing the planet’s ecosystem - particularly those concerning Pakistan.

  • A beacon of hope 

    Syed Muhammad Abubakar firmly believes in the importance of spreading the message of environmental awareness through fair and accurate journalism: “Although environmental journalism has quite a low priority in Pakistan, I strongly believe that this award will serve as a beacon of hope to promote environmental journalism in the future.”

    He continues: “I am heartened to know that Toyota and the Singapore Environment Council give weight to these issues that are too often overlooked in favour of other pressing economic issues.”

  • Winners and sponsors of the Asian Environmental Journalism Awards 2015.

  • Syed Muhammad Abubakar, receiving the SEC-Toyota Young Environmental Journalist of the Year award from Dr Amy Khor at the fourth Asian Environmental Journalism Awards.