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  • Why is Toyota doing this? 

    For the hydrogen society to take off, many partners are needed: industries, universities, authorities, government bodies and car manufacturers. We all need to work hand in hand to put environmentally friendly cars running on hydrogen on the road. 
    Although Toyota itself is not actively involved in hydrogen production and installing stations, it is engaged in partnerships designed to encourage the further “greening” of hydrogen production to make the entire hydrogen supply chain as low carbon as possible. 

  • Why do this? 

    We have been developing a hydrogen car for the last 20 years and we are more and more convinced about its potential. We believe hydrogen as a fuel has great potential to eliminate carbon emissions and reduce dependence on the world’s shrinking supplies of oil-based fuels. 
    Hydrogen is all around us. In fact, it is the most common atom in the universe. However, it is always found tied to other elements, such as with oxygen in water (H2O). That means we have to find ways of isolating it in order to produce pure H2 hydrogen fuel. 

  • Hydrogen refuelling station in partnership with Air Liquide in Zaventem (BE). 

  • Mirai - Toyota's hydrogen fuel cell car.