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Future Thinking

Learn more about the ways we’re building a better world for our children.
 “Leaving the world a better place for our children” is no idle slogan for Toyota. It’s the driving force that empowers us to innovate, collaborate, break down barriers and contribute towards a sustainable future. That’s why Toyota is carrying out actions to improve the environment and the world we live in, so our children will inherit a better world. 

Going Green … Literally

 What does “greening” involve?
In addition to planting trees, Toyota Motor Corporation is applying its biotechnology and afforestation know-how through activities such as “greening” our facilities. For example, the Tsutsumi (Japan) plant utilizes NOx absorbing grasses and rooftop turf that were developed by Toyota. The turf is a slow growing variety that needs mowing only once a year. 
  • Does it offer any other advantages? 

    Tsutsumi’s reception and administration building is powered entirely by the energy generated by solar panels. The grassed areas act as a heat sink, reducing the cooling requirement of the building whilst also converting CO2 to oxygen. Inside, solar lighting and reflective tubes have replaced traditional fluorescent tubes. 

  • What is gas absorbing paint? 

    The exterior of the assembly plant - an area of 88,000 square metres - is covered in photo-catalytic paint, which breaks down airborne nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulphur oxides (SOx). This has the same effect as planting 7300 trees, because it cleans the air by producing oxygen in sunlight. The paint is also self-cleaning, repelling any accumulated dust and grit each time it rains. 

Cars made from Plants?

What is biosynthetic rubber?
It’s rubber made from plants. Toyota is involved in a partnership making a biosynthetic rubber called biohydrin. It is manufactured using plant-derived bio-materials instead of epichlorohydrin, a commonly-used epoxy compound. 

Fueled by Everything

Everything? What does this really mean?
Hydrogen is a promising and potentially highly beneficial fuel for the future. Most importantly, cars running on hydrogen are 100% free of CO2 emissions when driving. However, the production of hydrogen still has room for improvement. It’s not always fully CO2 emission free. Yet hydrogen has the potential to be produced from water, algae, biomass and food waste. Even the waste product from cows can form the basis of the fuel for Toyota's hydrogen car. 

Rwanda: Land of the Rising Sunflower

 What’s happening in Rwanda?
Through its engagement in a floriculture venture, Toyota is helping to provide a new source of agriculture in Rwanda, focusing on flowering plants with high profitability per unit area. One such plant is the sunflower. Commercialised primarily for its oil and its seeds, the sunflower is far more than simply decorative. It has the potential to develop into a valuable export product for Rwanda.