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24 Hour Roadside Assistance - Eurocare

The freefone number is: 1800 741 700

For Toyota Eurocare when abroad: +353 1619 3640

The complete recovery service for you and your vehicle

A Toyota car offers a unique combination of build quality, advance engineering, performance and now, Toyota Eurocare. Available on most Toyota models bought new from a Toyota authorised Dealer. Toyota Eurocare assures you of 3 years peace of mind while motoring in Europe.

Toyota Eurocare offers help 24 hours a day, every day of the year by providing financial cover, practical assistance and expert advice in the event of a breakdown, accident or illness.

Toyota Eurocare in case of...

  • Mechanical Breakdown
  • Accident
  • No Fuel
  • Flat Battery
  • Flat Tyre
  • Keys lost or locked in


In the unlikely event that your Toyota has a breakdown rendering it immobile, Toyota Eurocare will at its own expense:
arrange for a professional towing company to attend the incident with the minimum of delay;
require the towing company to complete any simple repair at the roadside.


Should the attempt to remobilise the vehicle at the roadside prove unsuccessful or impractical, Toyota Eurocare will arrange for the vehicle to be taken to the nearest authorised Toyota dealer or repairer.


Should the user wish to remain in the vicinity of the vehicle whilst its being remobilised, Toyota Eurocare will arrange and pay for overnight accommodation for the user and passengers.

Replacement Vehicle

If the user prefers to have the use of a replacement vehicle, Toyota Eurocare will provide a replacement vehicle of a similar category for the duration of the repairs and limited to a maximum of three days. The provision of a replacement vehicle is subject to local conditions of the car hire company. For example, you may be required to have a full licence, comprehensive insurance and you may be asked for credit card details. Return of the hire vehicle will be in accordance with the Hire Company instructions.

Onward Travel

Toyota Eurocare will arrange and pay for first class rail transport for the driver and passengers which enables them to continue their journey to the original destination in the covered territory or to return to the users normal place of residence (country of registration of the vehicle). In the event that the train journey exceeds 6 hours, business class air tickets will be provided.


If all the drivers travelling in the covered vehicle are taken ill and the journey cannot be continued, Toyota Eurocare will provide a chauffeur at its own expense.

Collection of remobilised vehicle

If the remobilised vehicle must be collected from an authorised Toyota Dealer or Repairer which is located more than 50km far from the users domicele, then, at the request of the user Toyota Eurocare will arrange and pay for 1-way first class rail transport for one person to where the car has been remobilised. In the event that the train journey exceeds 6 hours a business class air ticket will be provided as an alternative.

Messages and advice

Whatever the problem, car theft, lost credit cards, illness, in need of legal or general advice, the team at Toyota Eurocare are on hand to give advice or to pass on a message to someone who needs to be informed.


In the event that it is impossible to remobilise the vehicle, Toyota Eurocare will accept the costs of and coordinate the arrangements for repatriating the vehicle to the authorised Toyota dealer or repairer indicated by the user.

Do not incur any rescue costs until you have contacted our Help Desk, as these cannot be re-imbursed.