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The Future


Concept cars are about turning dreams, emotion and inspiration into reality. They provide a unique chance for Toyota to demonstrate how its designers and engineers are constantly stretching their imaginations and creativity, leading to design innovation and technological advances. Concept cars enable Toyota to showcase what they plan for the future.

Toyota design centres in California, Japan and southern France submit design proposals for new concept cars on a regular basis. They send clay models to headquarters in Tokyo and the winner gets to develop the production vehicle.

Yaris Hybrid

Yaris HSD Click here to view larger image

Making its debut in Ireland in 2012 the Yaris Hybrid synergy drive brings the uniquely smooth, sophisticated driving experience of Toyota's full Hybrid powertrain to the B segment. Hybrid delivers class leading fuel consumption and CO2 emissions as well as low cost of ownership. Environmental performance is enhanced by all - electric driving with zero CO2, NOx and particulate emissions.

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Prius + The first full seven seater Hybrid in Europe

Prius + The first full seven seater Hybrid in Europe - Arriving 2012 Click here to view larger image

For people who need more the new seven seater Prius offers customers the versatility of seven seats combined with a full Hybrid powertrain. The adoption of a third row of seating has been made possible by reengineering Toyota's Hybrid synergy drive powertrain which features a highly compact space saving lithium - ion battery pack.. The full Hybrid powertrain will offer class leading emissions with CO2 below 100g/km and negligible NOx and Particulate matter.

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The new Prius Plug in Hybrid- The Greenest, most technically advanced Prius yet. Arriving 2013

The new Prius Plug in Hybrid- The Greenest, most technically advanced Prius yet. Click here to view larger image

Prius Plug in marks the next major milestone in Toyota's ongoing quest for sustainable mobility and the ultimate eco car. The plug in Hybrid represents the latest development of the company's modular Hybrid Synergy Drive platform, credible, trusted and reliable full Hybrid technology with a proven track record garnered over some 200 billion kilometres of driving worldwide. The new Prius Plug in Hybrid features a newly designed and more compact lithium - ion battery developed by Toyota rigorous standards for reliability. Its extended EV cruising range enables it to achieve remarkable fuel efficiency of just 2.2L/100km and to lower CO2 emissions to an unprecedented 49g/km. Plug in Hybrid technology offers customers all the environmental benefits without any range anxiety