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USB Connectivity

Aygo, Yaris, Prius, Prius+, Verso-S, Auris, Aygo, Corolla, Verso, Avensis, Land Cruiser and Hilux, now feature a USB audio connection as standard. This connection allows an iPod orsimilar audio device to be integrated seamlessly into the vehicles audio system.While the new USB connection allows integration of an iPod one of the key features is that audio files (saved in WMA or MP3 format) can be played from a USB flash drive (memory stick).

With the USB flash drive (memory stick) you can save audio files from CD‘s and listen to them on the vehicles audio system. Playing tracks and albums through the cars audio system operates similar to a CD auto-changer. The USB flash drive (memory stick) allows a large number of CD’s to be stored while it provides track and album title data in addition to full integration with the audio system including remote audio controls on the steering wheel.

USB flash drive (memory sticks) are available in computer retailers from €5 – the price increases as storage capacity increases. A USB memory stick with a storage capacity of at least 2GB should be used to allow 20-30 albums to be stored . For less than €10 you can enjoy a system that operates like a CD auto-changer. This is a unique feature for Toyota models and something not offered by many competitors.

The USB connection allows a large CD collection to be saved on a single USB flash drive (memory stick) as WMA or MP3 files and played in the audio system. This delivers high quality sound without the high cost of a CD changer and without having to store any CD’s in the car – freeing up storage space.

Converting CD’s to WMA files and saving them onto USB Flash Drive (memory stick) CD’s need to be saved as WMA type files (or mp3) on the USB memory stick. To do this you need to “rip” (save) the CD as a WMA (Windows media Audio) file using the Windows Media Player program on your computer. Almost all PC’s have Windows Media Player software included.

*The operation to select next track and next album may vary between individual vehicles. Please consult you owners manual or contact your local dealer to confirm the operation in individual vehicles.