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Cruise Control

Cruise Control technology is designed to help make driving on long journeys less tiring and less stressful.

You set a preferred speed and then Cruise Control automatically adjusts the throttle to keep you going as close to that speed as possible. So you can take your foot off the accelerator, relax and give all your attention to the road ahead.

As well as reducing driver fatigue, Cruise Control can help you save on fuel as the automatic electronic throttle control is very precise and minimises any unnecessary speeding up and slowing down. And you won't find yourself increasing your speed unknowingly on long straight road stretches either, so the system can help you avoid accidental speeding fines, too.

If you need to brake - when you come up behind a slower vehicle for example - or if you need to accelerate, Cruise Control is automatically over-ridden simply by putting your foot on the brake pedal or the accelerator. Then once your manoeuvre is complete Cruise Control will take over again.