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Smart Entry & Smart Start Systems

A remote key that provides engine start and/or door entry, once detected in the driver’s pocket or handbag.

How does it work?

Smart Entry System

The Smart Key contains a small transceiver that enables the vehicle to identify when the key is close to, or in, the vehicle. The system identified that the key is close to the vehicle. The vehicle is automatically unlocked when the exterior door handle is touched. The wireless transmitter can still be used like a regular remote key to lock and unlock from a distance.

Touching front door handle sensor (on the reverse of the handle) will unlock all the doors; pushing the black button on the front of the handle (or touch location – depending on the model) locks them.

Smart Start System

A Start button is used to start the engine with no requirement to insert the key in a slot. With the key detected inside the car, the engine is started with the Start button. As long as the vehicle is not moving, operating the button again will stop the engine. In normal use the key will remain in the driver’s pocket or handbag.