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Active Safety

Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)

The ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) monitors the speed of each wheel to detect locking. When it detects sudden braking, it will release braking pressure for a moment and then provide optimum braking pressure to each wheel. By repeating this process in a short period of time, it enhances steering control during sudden stops. As a result, it will also help improve the ability of stopping the vehicle.

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Brake Assist

Studies show that nearly half of all drivers do not step on the brake quickly and strongly enough to stop the vehicle in case of an emergency. When Brake Assist detects an attempted panic stop, it supports drivers by strengthening the power.Brake Assist will detect attempted panic braking based on the force that is applied to the brake pedal and how fast the driver is stepping on the pedal.

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Vehicle Stability Control

VSC checks twenty five times every second where the driver is steering the car, and the actual track the vehicle is taking. When it detects that a skid or slide is starting, it instantly applies a correction via the traction control and ABS system that will help correct the situation without further input from the driver.

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Vehicle Stability Control Plus

Vehicle Stability Control Plus

The VSC+ system works in a very similar way to VSC, however when it detects a skid or slide is starting, in addition to braking the appropriate wheel, VSC+ also feeds some corrective steering through to the front wheels, making it easier for the driver to take the correct action, and more difficult to apply incorrect inputs.

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Rear View Camera

When backing up the vehicle, please check your surroundings and confirm your safety. The camera installed on the rear side of the vehicle displays the view when reversing.

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Head-up Display

The Head-up Display projects key vehicle information onto the windscreen enabling the driver to read it without taking their eyes off of the road. Information display includes vehicle speed; Hybrid System Indicator; Adaptive Cruise Control status; inputs from the optional Pre-Crash Safety System and on vehicles fitted with Satellite navigation, turn-by-turn and distance to exit information.

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Integrated Active Drive System

In most vehicles the various elements of stability control (including the anti-lock brakes, traction control, stability control and power steering) work independently of the 4WD torque control system. High speed electronic communication is used to link all these elements together in real time in the Integrated Active Drive System.

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Hill Start Assist Control (HAC)

Driver aid designed to make it safer and simpler to pull away on a hill.

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Downhill-Assist Control (DAC)

Driver aids designed to make it safer and simpler to descend steep inclines.

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Crawl Control

Automatically maintains a steady low speed by controlling both the engine output and the vehicle braking across challenging terrain. This feature is a worldwide first for Toyota.When travelling on surfaces such as rocks, sand or steep hills, Crawl Control manages the engine and brakes with no driver input so as to maintain very low and uniform speed with minimal spinning or locking of the wheels.

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Multi-Terrain Monitor

Strategically placed cameras give the driver a unique 360 degree view of the surroundings and driving direction. The multi-terrain monitor guides the driver through challenging off road conditions ensuring optimised traction and working together with the steering angle display the driver has a full view of the vehicles exact surroundings and driving direction.

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Multi-Terrain ABS

An Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) that automatically detects terrain conditions and enables the optimal stopping distance to be achieved regardless of surface. The system utilises inputs from the active wheel sensors, yaw sensor and G sensor with responses being fed to the ECU so that it can ascertain the terrain type the vehicle is travelling on.

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Advanced suspension technology that reduces the compromises sometimes necessary in an off-road vehicle, giving longer wheel articulation off-road and greater roll control on-road. Conventional Stabiliser or Anti Roll bars work when the vehicle is on-road to reduce body roll when cornering, making it both safer and more comfortable. But because they limit suspension travel they restrict the vehicle’s ability to handle off-road bumps and hollows, since once a wheel is clear of the ground it no longer contributes traction or braking effort.

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Daytime Running Lights (DRL)

A daytime running light system activates an energy efficient front light system on vehicles during daylight. These lights are automatically switched on when the vehicle is moving forward to improve visibility for other motorists plus pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

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Follow Me Home Lights

Some Toyota vehicles features Follow-Me-Home* lighting so the light can stay illuminated for a few moments as you walk away from your car.

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