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About MultiMode

MM (MultiMode) is a new 5-speed transmission driven directly by electrical motors that combines automatic gearing with quick-style sequential selection. The gear position indicator shows neutral through to fifth gear (N – 5), reverse (R), automatic mode (E), automatic sports mode (Es) and manual mode (M). The system also has its own warning lamp should any malfunction occur. The system has a smooth take off ‘creep’function like an automatic and when the driver releases the brake pedal the car starts to generate a small drive line torque. Additionally, if the driver releases the accelerator pedal rapidly the system will keep a current gear position and if the accelerator pedal is pushed down too quickly it will select the appropriate gear. When ‘Es’ is selected the automatic transmission changes more quickly and rapidly for a sportier drive. ‘Es’ mode is an innovation in transmissions of this type.

This clever transmission also releases the take-off function if the driver stops the car and pushes the brake pedal for a moment and automatically changes gear shift patterns according to uphill or downhill motoring. The driver can stop the engine in any gear position, after which the system will engage the clutch completely, like a manual car. If the system can not engage a gear due to gear lock it will retry selection automatically.

To protect against human error a single beep warning will sound when reverse is selected, and if a door is opened while the engine is running and a gear is selected a warning buzzer will sound. Also, if the engine is running, neutral is selected and the brake is off for a few seconds, the shift lever is locked to prevent the shift lever moving unintentionally. Pressing the brake pedal again releases this. Finally if a gear is selected that would cause the engine to over- or under-rev the system will reject the request.