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M-MT (MultiMode) is a new 5-speed transmission driven directly by electrical motors that combines automatic gearing with quick-style sequential selection. The gear position indicator shows neutral through to fifth gear (N – 5), reverse (R), automatic mode (E), automatic sports mode (Es) and manual mode (M).

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MultiDrive varies the transmission’s gear ratio continuously. This means that it can be described as an automatic transmission with an infinite number of ratios allowing for the flexibility at any time that the most suitable ratio to be chosen whilst optimising both performance and fuel efficiency.

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Electronically controlled Continuous Variable Transmissione (e-CVT)

The innovative, electronically controlled Continuous Variable Transmission (e-CVT) manages the flow of power from the petrol engine and electric motors for smooth, effortless acceleration.

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Stop & Start System

Toyota’s Stop & Start system automatically switches off the engine when the vehicle is stopped. Featuring an immediate restart with virtually no engine sound or vibration, the system delivers significant reductions in CO2 emissions during urban driving, and can lower average fuel consumption by up to 3%, depending on driving conditions.

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6 Speed Manual Transmission

In conjunction with the introduction of the 1.33L 1NR-FE engine, a new 6 speed manual gearbox is also available offering improved fuel efficiency and power performance through world top-level transmission efficiency and wide 6-speed gear range. This Gearbox is also available with the 1.4 D-4D 1ND-TV engine.

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Toyota Optimal Drive

Innovative environmental solutions that deliver a powerful balance of reduced fuel consumption, low CO² emissions and uncompromised driving pleasure.

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