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VVT-i & Dual VVT-i Variable Valve Timing

"Uses computer control to vary valve timing with engine speed and throttle position for greater flexibility"

How does it work?

An intelligent computer is used to optimise the engine’s breathing by varying the timing of the intake valves.

It does this using engine oil pressure to power an actuator which adjusts the relationship between the camshaft drive (belt, scissor-gear or chain) and the intake camshaft.

Dual VVT-i is a significant evolution of the system, which now controls the exhaust valves as well as the intake valves.

  • Greater engine flexibility, it feels like a much larger capacity unit
  • More power available at high engine speeds
  • More torque available lower down the engine speed range
  • A more efficient engine with lower emissions

Customer Benefits

  • The car feels more responsive and much better to drive
  • Engine emissions are lower which, increasingly, gives taxation benefits
  • Increased efficiency means that fuel economy is enhanced


  • VVT-i on all petrol engines
  • Dual VVT-i on all petrol engines except 1.0.
  • Valvematic on 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0 petrol engines